THOROCRAFT: Rebranded as TCG, but Still Making Edgy Handcrafted Shoes

THOROCRAFT, recently rebranded as TCG, is a California-based footwear brand founded in 2009. TCG, short for "Thoroughly Crafted Goods", prides themselves in attention to detail and a commitment to quality, which can only be accomplished by their old word method of handcrafting shoes. The designs pair classic silhouettes with a trendy and innovative style that feels a little rebellious. Their new collection not only has boots and trainers, but also a newly developed proprietary lightweight outsole compound. The lightweight and flexible outsole is closer to the feeling of wearing a sneaker rather than a dress shoe.   TCG's blend of traditional and non-conventional materials like Saffian and Nubuck leathers, wools, and pony hair contrasted against graphic textiles makes these shoes ideal for the modern traditionalist....

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