We’re all the same girl, whether grinding in the office or rip‘n margs on the beach. Barber is a brand serious about babes not taking themselves too seriously.

Barber apparel was launched in 2014 by designer Darcy Barber. Pulling inspiration from street style of her hometown of Santa Cruz, Barber offers laid-back basics infused with cheeky attitude. Bold graphics and playful prints encouraging the wearer not to take herself—or her clothes—too seriously. With 10 years in the fashion industry, Darcy Barber has an innate talent for pulling the playfully visionary elements out of everyday life and crafting them into her work. Most garments are up-cycled pieces, being reinvented for a second life, making Barber a sustainable brand.

The Barber line doesn't happen without her trusted cadre of zero-fuss friends and family, NYC and her hometown Santa Cruz vibes.