Whether we’re on a beach drenching our sun bathed skin in coconut oil, just out of a steamy shower or in the heat of a passionate moment living out our fantasies, we created Coco La Vie for people so they can connect confidently on a more intimate pleasurable level in healthy luxurious way.

We can no longer assume that if a product is on the shelf that it’s safe for us or even ok for us... 

Day in and day out we use products to enhance our lives without looking at what’s in the bottle or thinking about the effects it could have on our body.

Now is the time to change that. For ourselves and the people we love. We absorb 60% of the ingredients we put on our skin, accumulating massive amounts of toxic substances into the bloodstream that effect our health in so many ways. More and more we are paying attention to the food we put in our bodies and the ingredients in our cosmetics. Our intimate moments shouldn't be disturbed by any chemical, un-natural substance or plastic tube.