Luna Wild Collection

Luna Wild Collection was created while owner Ashley, traveled in India. She noticed the women draped in silks beaming with confidence. The traditional Indian Sari is considered a cultural icon representing feminine grace. Intricately sewn and hand embroidered they are as delicate as they are powerful. She met a young woman at the market in Goa whos family made all their clothing themselves, even down to the dye and embroidery on the fabric. They decided to create dresses and kimonos together, both made from either their handcrafted fabrics or up cycled Indian Saris.

What does it mean to be a Luna Wild goddess? A woman who is brave enough to be bold, both in character and the willingness to live. To live passionately and mindfully, taking the world in with each breath as a song.  A Luna Wild goddess is on a mission to seek beauty in all aspects of life, including herself. A humble woman who radiates love and forever passing that energy onto others.

Each garment sold is providing jobs to victims of sex trafficking in Mumba