Seiba is a name for the ancient Mayans’ sacred tree of life, which connected all people and planes of existence. At Seiba, our first product line features a distinctive weave developed by Maya women of the Chiapas highlands in Mexico. Seiba pays homage to the ancient mythology by creating connections between local artisans and the global community. Each purchase helps support the artisans’ families, communities, and their creative voice.

Seiba is a collection of socially responsible, handmade products from a variety of countries around the world. These hidden treasures can only be found in some of the most remote locations and are one-of-a-kind pieces. Our accessories and items are authentic, stylish, fashionable, and add an exotic flair to any outfit. We aim to unite cultures through fashion and empower local artisans along the way.

The indigenous communities residing in Chiapas are just one of many indigenous cultures worldwide that face uncertain futures. Indigenous communities form the largest minority in the world and are often the most impoverished. Their culture and traditions are slowly being lost due to modernization, environmental changes, and lack of opportunities that force relocation.