The Forest Said

"Inspired by nature and oneness, all of our designs are given birth to beneath the magical oak trees of Topanga Canyon, where we count ourselves lucky that this beautiful journey began.

The Forest Said is a Los Angeles based “slow fashion” brand with a cause, founded by Austrian fashion designer Camille Preymann in 2018.

TFS strongly believes that clothing mustn’t have a due date.
Instead of getting sidetracked by ever-changing trends, we focus on creating a timeless look by devoting attention to flattering silhouettes and the use of durable and earthly materials such as linen and silks.

Sustainable and ethical practices are essential to the brand’s ideology. TFS has therefore chosen to manufacture with a local small business in the heart of the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles.

With high value placed on individuality, we’re creating a number of limited editions which are printed solely by hand and therefore unique and one of a kind.

We can’t bear to see things go to waste so we also built a separate section in our online shop ( “Reincarnated by The Forest Said”) for curated treasures, mostly vintage, which have been given a new life.

Beyond our own operations we’re dedicated to finding ways to contribute to one of the most pressing causes of our times, rainforest protection.