Venice is a real neighborhood, where people smile at you, stop and take the time to find out your name and inquire, with friendly interest, about your life – even if you're a stranger, and there's no chance you're going to leave them a $20 tip.  Nestled on the scenic Pacific Coast, Venice was built on a system of canals in 1905 by the young entrepreneur Abbot Kinney.

 Recently morphing into a blend of Abbot Kinney's old idyllic coastal town and the progressive new millennial artist hub, it is now a mecca of charming cafes, prime coast real estate, and unique boutiques, such as inland.

 We aim to curate a experience as unique as the neighborhood that surrounds us. With pleasure we bring to you a well-edited and unique collection of contemporary & independent designers & artisans from right here in our own backyard and from all around the world.

Venice Canals 1909 Abbot Kinney