Coconut Balancing Hair Oil


Coconut Balancing Hair Oil

$ 39.00

Nourishing oil conditions and strengthens, while healing coconut nourishes for vibrant and healthy hair.

// 1.7 fl oz


100% all natural, vegan, and plant-based // Blended by hand in America // Made with wildcrafted or organic botanicals and oils sourced from around the globe // Made with food-grade oils and seasonal plants and herbs // Created specifically to support and balance the five elements in nature: the doshas // Designed for use by anyone of any dosha, including children, without harm // Made without GMOs, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fillers, alcohol, or artificial colors


Nourish the body at the cellular level // Safely and gently remove toxins // Support and increase absorption // Re-set and enhance digestion // Balance and support other herbs in the compound // Reduce the effects of stress