Lux Oatmeal Soap
Lux Oatmeal Soap
Lux Oatmeal Soap

Jae Organics

Lux Oatmeal Soap

$ 14.00

Handmade luxury in one bar!
Great for all skin types and helps alleviate dry,itchy skin.
It's all natural plant based oils and organic oatmeal will cleanse,nourish,soothes and hydrate your skin naturally.

*Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant benefits
*Super moisturizing
*Anti-bacterial,Removes odors and exfoliates skin
*Helps with sunburns, eczema and poison ivy
*Keeps skin healthy and young
*Lightly scented

Ingredients: Organic oatmeal,virgin coconut oil,virgin olive oil,sustainable palm oil,organic sweet almond oil,organic grapeseed oil,organic shea butter,distilled water,sodium hydroxide,lightly scented with oatmeal milk & honey fragrance oil.

Made in LA